FCC(米連邦通信委員会)によるAmazonの衛星計画(Kuiper Systems Constellation)承認について

FCC(米連邦通信委員会)によるAmazonの衛星計画(Kuiper Systems Constellation)承認について

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*high-speed, low latency broadband services by operating 3,236 satellites in 98 orbital planes at altitudes of 590 km, 610 km, and 630 km.3

→具体的な数字は公表されていませんが高速(high-speed),低遅延( low latency)の詳細知りたいところですね。

*According to Kuiper, the system will be deployed in five phases, and service will begin once the first 578 satellites are launched.6 Kuiper plans to use the following frequencies: 17.7-18.6 GHz (space-to-Earth), 18.8-20.2 GHz (space-to-Earth), and 27.5-30.0 GHz (Earth-to-space).7


興味深かったのは「Orbital Debris Mitigation」、いわゆる宇宙ゴミになった場合の取扱についても規定する様です。最近他の衛星で同様の話題見かけます。

An applicant for a space station authorization must submit a description of the design and operational strategies that it will use to mitigate orbital debris, including a statement detailing post mission disposal plans for space stations at the end of their operating life.