Minister for Loneliness

Minister for Loneliness

IoT ブログ解説のお知らせ

I was told there is “Minster for loneliness” in the UK , from the representative who carry out the related activity in Tokyo.

We are curious what/how the UK Ministry does for loneliness.

See the solution here in order to improve the situation, He already started working using SNS a few years for a few thousands of people now!!! …. hopefully IoT may contribute in the future. Let’s get them all connected by anyway.

On the other side, Just wondering why not such Ministry in Japan where facing similar situation sounds like.

In addition , Covid-19 accelerate get people away from people since then. 

~ BTW, I had dreamed this week “there is NO one had mask in the restaurant!!!” that was enough to wake me up suddenly since that is unusual situation these days.

Have a safe day!